Attain Total Health

What is Attain Total Health?

Attain Total Health is a comprehensive health and wellness program designed to empower patients and provide them with knowledge about their own bodies so they can make educated decisions regarding their health. This innovative program allows you to receive personalized, one-on-one care from a licensed medical provider while avoiding the barriers that exist in healthcare, like insurance or appointment availability, all in the luxury environment that is Attain Medspa.

How Does the Program Work?

At the core of Attain Total Health is the belief that early detection and prevention of health issues is key to leading a healthy life. This is why bloodwork is an important component of our program. Blood work will check for a range of issues, including cholesterol and hormone levels, blood sugar, and thyroid, liver, and kidney function. It can also detect deficiencies in certain vitamins and electrolyte levels. Blood work provides us with a healthy baseline of your overall health, so we are able to not only identify potential issues, but track progress of treatment.

At your initial consultation, we will connect you with a licensed medical provider, who will discuss your medical history, lifestyle, energy levels, and more with you. We also encourage you to tell us about any specific health concerns or symptoms you’ve been experiencing. Your provider will then order blood work. Blood work is not included in the cost of the program, but may be covered by your insurance. Your blood work may consist of different panels depending on your goals or needs.

We will then provide recommendations based on your results. We do offer some treatments in-office, such as IV therapy. These treatment recommendations will address the gaps identified in your test results. If further care is needed, we will connect you with a primary care provider.

What are the Benefits of Attain Total Health?

By connecting directly with a medical professional, you can have a personalized conversation about your health and receive clear guidance for the path forward. Additionally, the process of ordering lab work and learning about your results is streamlined and more efficient, cutting out extra steps in the process. This ensures that you both receive accurate results quickly and fully understand their impact on your health.

The Attain Total Health program includes:

  • Comprehensive health and wellness assessments
  • Personalized treatment recommendations
  • Referrals to providers
  • & More

Attain Total Health allows patients to be proactive about their health by connecting them with professionals without insurance headaches or long waits for appointments. If you require further care from a primary care provider, you are also able to share the results of your recent bloodwork, avoiding any delays in care that can be caused by testing or scheduling.

Who Is a Candidate for Attain Total Health?

At Attain, we believe everyone should play an active role in their health. Therefore, people of all ages and backgrounds can benefit from Attain Total Health. Patients with chronic conditions, such as diabetes or hypertension, can benefit from this program as it provides an in-depth look into their health and ways to manage their condition. If you’re experiencing symptoms like hormonal acne, hair thinning, or fatigue, Attain Total Health can help you find the underlying cause. Even those who are generally healthy but want to take steps toward preventative care will find the program beneficial.

Additionally, weight loss management patients at Attain are required to have a full physical done prior to beginning the program. Blood work can help our providers identify any underlying conditions that a patient may not even be aware of. This particularly improtant when it comes to weight loss as many health issues, such as high cholesterol or diabetes, are linked to being overweight. Blood work can also help build an individualized treatment plan by helping us determine the most effective weight loss approaches.









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