Kenalog Injections

What are Kenalog Injections?

Kenalog injections are typically used to help deep, cystic acne lesions resolve fast. We safely and effectively perform steroid (Kenalog) injections into inflamed and cystic acne lesions.  This works to decrease the large “bump” that is below the surface of the skin and to minimize the risks of scarring.  Kenalog injections are performed only by our trained medical team and are a safe and effective way to treat inflamed acne for many patients.

The Attain MedSpa Difference

Attain MedSpa is a physician-owned and specializes in micro-treatments that can be completed in one hour or less. As the premier luxury medspa of Hoboken, NJ with on-site medical staff, clients are guaranteed a safe, non-judgmental environment. You can work with your skincare professional at Attain MedSpa to customize your Kenalog injections treatment in a way that targets your specific skincare concerns.