Glacial Rx

What Is GlacialRx?

The Newest technology has come to Hoboken! With no true downtime, Glacial Rx is an FDA-cleared, in-office treatment that uses proprietary cooling technology called Cryomodulation to reduce inflammation and brighten skin. With three modalities all feeling comfortable, relaxing and refreshing.

Glacial Rx device’s Glacial Glide modality can safely treat inflammation on the entire face.

The Glacial Freeze modality can treat specific age spots, by normalizing how skin produces pigment. The cooling process also reduces redness and inflammation and speeds up exfoliation to reveal more radiant skin. Glacial Rx is comfortable and improves overall brightness across all skin types.


  • Ultimate Glass Facial: $400
  • Ultimate Glass Facial with Extractions: $450
  • Ultimate Glass Facial with Extractions and Lesion Removal (spot removal/sunspot): $500
  • Package of Three: $960 ($320ea)
  • Glid Add-On to Any Facial: $150

Location: Hoboken

Book now to have glowing, clear, smooth skin that looks like you slept 12 hours. The cherry on top is the glass finish that lasts weeks after treatment.

    • can be done as a full stand alone facial
    • can add on to any facial a fantastic glazed finish
    • can pre and post treat injections
    • the best cooling after laser, get all the benefits of laser and no hot downtime