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Who’s it for?

Anyone looking to reduce fat and build muscle for Biceps, Triceps, Thighs inner/outer, Buttocks, Abdomen and Calves.

Emsculpt Neo Body Contouring

The HIFEM+ energy causes muscles to contract at a level of intensity not even possible through workouts. Clinical studies have shown an increase of 25% in muscle volume this treatment has been shown to reduce fat in treated areas by up to 30%. There is no prep-work needed at all, During EMSCULPT NEO, you will feel some intense muscle tension & a warm sensation from the heat energy. Treatment lasts for avg 30 minutes per single area. Can treat up to 3 areas per day. No downtime. Results in just 4 weeks!

Facial Contouring | Fat Melting

Facial contouring aka fat melting or fat dissolving is primarily used in the chin area to reduce fat under and different areas of the face and body. Results are permanent and a minimum of 2 sessions is usually required.

Who’s it for?

Anyone looking to decrease fat around the chin area (double chin).