Brow Bar at Attain

Attain Med Spa Brow Bar

The brow bar at Attain Med Spa has everything you need to rehab those brows back to life or just give your prized gals an extra ego boost. Our trained aestheticians can put the finishing touches on your beautiful brows with a shape, trim, & tint which is sure to the be the 🍒on top. Who said only skin was fun at Attain?

Who’s it for?

Your aesthetician will start with an assessment of your brows symmetry (remember, brow are sisters not twins) and get a brief history on your growth, current & past upkeep (overpluckers!) and through a detailed and sharp process, begin to trim, wax (or pluck) and finally tint your hairs into sheer perfection. The best part? Our tint lasts up to 6 weeks!

Added perk-your brow expert may also have some tips & tricks for you to enhance growth and overtime achieve your perfect shape. Next stop, Cara Delevigne-ville.

How Much?

Attain Brow Bar treatments are $125.

Come On In

“Great skincare shouldn’t take the whole day. Or the whole paycheck.”
– Lauren Ben-Meir